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First Bronze is pleased to provide experienced engineering assistance in material selection and part design for your powdered metal structural products. We feature press sizes ranging from 4 to 750 tons and an array of manufacturing processes, from blending, briquetting, and sintering to infiltrating, impregnating, and finishing operations. Our typical metals include bronzes, copper, iron and iron-copper, steel and steel alloys, and sinter-hardened steel. We can accommodate structural part weights up to 8.5 lbs, powdered metal bars up to 55 lbs, outside diameters up to 10 and 3/8”, and lengths up to 6 and 5/8”.

Featuring a modern laboratory with up-to-date testing equipment and procedures, we provide vacuum impregnation with most conventional and synthetic oils as well as several secondary operations: we offer standard and CNC machining, burnishing, vibratory finishing, and heat/stream treating for all your powdered metal structural products.

To further accommodate your needs, we provide a complete quality control program and can provide deliveries on a J.I.T. basis. Working with orders ranging from 100 to millions of pieces, we’re committed to working with you to continuously improve your powdered metal structural product while also lowering your cost. To learn more about powdered metal structural products with First Bronze, please contact us.
We serve our customers with shipping warehouses throughout the country in Ohio, Missouri, Indiana, Nevada, California, Illinois and Texas

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