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First Bronze VESPEL®

VESPEL® -Top of the line machined and Vespel® bearings provide capabilities of high speed, load, and temperature. First Bronze offers a wide range of sizes as standard off-the-shelf, along with a full range of special, made to order sizes.
Vespel® bearings are made from polyimide resins to combine the best characteristics of plastics, metals, and ceramics. Vespel® resist wear and fight creep; properties that allow them to survive a broad range of conditions, particularly where elevated speeds and high loads present problems.
Precision machined sizes hold close tolerances.

Temperature range: -400 ºF/+550 ºF

Intermittently up to +900 ºF

Unit of Measure

Nominal Size I.D.

N/A 1 in

Nominal Size O.D.

N/A 1 1/2 in

I.D. Min

N/A 1.0170 in

I.D. Max

N/A 1.0270 in

O.D. Min

N/A 1.4950 in

O.D. Max

N/A 1.5050 in

Length/Thickness (±0.003in)

N/A 1/8 in

Min. Temperature

N/A -400 ºF

Max. Temperature

N/A 550 intermittent to 900 ºF

P Value (Max.)

N/A 4900

V Value (Max.)

N/A 3000

PV Value (Max.)

N/A 300000
We serve our customers with shipping warehouses throughout the country in Ohio, Missouri, Indiana, Nevada, California, Illinois and Texas

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